AI in Testing and Automation

Intelligent, Optimal and Smart

AI has modified the test automation landscape, notably since the emergence of Machine Learning. TestAIng offers to use the last developments of AI and ML in testing applications across the spectrum.

We use AI and ML for:

  • In-depth understanding of application development and testing process and its lifecycle
  • Optimal harnessing of data generated during test processes
  • Comprehensive AI-driven test management
  • Intelligent STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)
  • Proprietary tool-set for AI-driven test processes including defect prediction, test management, impact analysis and test prioritization
  • Patent (pending) about process for AI-based test case generation
  • ML-based Visual Validation Testing – the manual testing and maintenance of automated test-suites for GUI are a nightmare. The GUI should appear correctly to the user in shape, size, colour, contrast, position on different platforms and devices to ensure consistent quality with fast delivery cycles.
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Testing APIs