Strategic, Timely and Comprehensive

testAIng consulting services help companies device test strategy for their AI applications or provide expert advice related to design and development of AI applications. The consulting extends from data acquisition to use of AI in the software development lifecycle and AIOps

Many organizations have the data and the desire to improve the quality and efficiency. testAIng supplies the missing ingredient – the experience of having done it. Our industry experience related to creation of tools utilising machine learning in SDLC provides that necessary help. We provide suggestions, guidance as well as implementation of various AI based tools

testAIng uses FUTURE as its AI driven approach to consulting

How we can help

testAIng with it’s highly talented consultants on AI can help you create and implement Intelligence throughout your systems. testAIng uses a six step approach to help our customers champion the use of AI

  • Find the right areas suitable for AI
  • Understand needs and build AI strategy
  • Test the strategy with a Pilot
  • Use and implement the AI strategy at org level
  • Refine the approach based on results
  • Experience the change and optimize further