Data wrangling services

We know the value of Clean Data

testAIng improves the data cleaning life cycle of the raw data tremendously. The insights drawn from the clean data saves a lot of productive time and money of business developers.

At testAIng, we take care of this preliminary but, very critical step of data cleansing with our very unique CLEAR Solution

CoLlect → Explore →Apply → Report

CoL(lect) – Collect data from different sources like files (.csv, .xls), social media, external database, network, APIs and Cloud. The data coming from different sources may be of varied size, shape and format ready to go in next stage.

E(xplore) – In this step, we understand and segregate records and their attributes in order to save computation power for further analysis and to shape the given raw data in standard format. Trust testAIng for this janitorial task when you focus more on your business development strategies.

A(pply) – We apply end-to-end AI Intelligence in automating the data-preparation phase to unlock valuable information. We apply  visualization and summarization techniques over the gathered data, so as the outcome is an enriched data ready for quality analysis.

R(eport) – Report your data like a Pro with testAIng’s Smart Dashboarding. Various insights drawn from the enriched data are presented in the form of Statistics, Forecasting, Predictions, Charts and plots which further aid in tracking, reporting and publishing of the hidden facts to the end-user.

Banking on testAIng’s ‘CLEAR’ solution in cleansing your business’s valuable data assets will certainly accelerate decision-making process and generate accurate and indexable data and hence, increase revenue.