Interview with Ai-United

What is Ai-United?

AiU or Artificial Intelligence United ( is a group of international experts who are working to create certification standards in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

What kind of Trainings and Certification you mainly focus on?

The 1st training of the AiU is Certified Tester in AI (CTAI), which focuses mainly on inherent challenges and evolving roles of a tester with AI projects. There will be further courses, so please stay tuned for the growing roadmap.

Tell us something more about the certification, pre-requisites, outcomes and industry SIG involved in it.

In general, there are no mandatory requirements for AiU-CTAI; however, in order to get the most out of the training, we recommend
some experience in software testing and/or development, and highly recommend completing the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certification before joining this course. Basic knowledge of any programming language – Java/ Python/C++ as well as a general understanding of statistics will also benefit you throughout the course.

Apart from being the first what else do you think are unique things about this certification?

AiU – Certified Tester in AI is focused on the role of the tester and has been created by experts from both the software testing and AI fields, who came together to come up with something that fits the demands of the global AI community. It has been reviewed by experts from various fields who are interested in AI over 30 countries across 5 continents who have provided important
feedback. This is why we can proudly announce that this is the first global certification scheme of its kind, supporting the quality of testing in AI projects.

What is the vision and mission of this organization?

Artificial intelligence (AI) was founded as an academic discipline in 1956. It is only in recent years that AI and its constituent technology of Machine Learning (ML) have emerged as commonplace in business, which are in turn becoming integral parts of many IT projects. There are endless possibilities and uses for AI and ML which can bring incredible benefits; however, as with many new technologies, it is important that we understand them well so we can better consider potential ethical and negative implications. This is why, at AiU, we believe that the most important thing is knowledge. The mission of the organization is to enable comprehensive dissemination and evangelization of AI knowledge.

Who is partnering with you?

We are working with international experts to create content and have a review committee of 43 professionals from many relevant disciplines in nearly 30 countries, listed on the website.

What are the recognitions to the training providers?

The recognized training providers are listed in the AiU website. There is a lot of interest from the community for further recognition of future training providers; however, we are waiting for the finalization of the syllabus, which will be completed very soon, so everyone can see the official final version before further recognitions are finalized.

Why getting trained on AI skills is important?

AI can be a terrifying topic for many people. It’s easy to see the many positive advantages, but at the same time, be afraid of some of the possible misuse scenarios and negative implications. Due to these reasons, Artificial Intelligence United finds it so important to set quality standards in the AI field as soon as possible. It is required by society to open the eyes of as many people as possible to the critical thinking skills that are required, especially in projects using AI fundamentals, as these incredible advantages can come with potential risks which need to be properly taken into account while building these systems. For the first course AiU CTAI, when focussing on the role of the tester, the tester has the ability to not only verify AI systems, but also consider how potential AI risks can be mitigated.

Why did you think standards are required in the area of Artificial Intelligence?

I believe that there is a undeniable need for setting standards in AI as it is beginning to have implications in just about every area of our lives. There are situations why we can’t even imagine today which will become reality over the coming years and even months. Such proliferation necessitates development of cost effective tools and products interoperating with each other seamlessly while assuring confidence in functionality. This inevitably points to need for standards.

Interview with Ai-United