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testAIng Solutions (tai) Launched Globally Press Release published by NewsVoir
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That AI pervades in everybody’s life today is an undeniable fact. That a lot of AI applications that are currently being developed are largely untested is also a fact. It is difficult to find testers who have enough experience testing AI applications. It is even more difficult to find information about techniques that can be used to test AI components and applications. When AI components reside inside or interact with traditional non-AI components and applications, it gives rise to many interesting testing scenarios. Unfortunately, not enough attention has been paid up to now to developing the theory and tools surrounding the testing of AI applications. (pronounced as tAI) helps the customers by

  • Testing AI systems
  • Using tools – our own as well as third parties – to support the testing process including automation

use of and research into our state-of-the-art techniques, tools and technologies allows your test AI systems to become real-world ready.

We have combined our deep experience in testing along with AI to create a unique and one-of-its-kind proposition for testers who want to either use AI in their testing process or get their AI systems tested.

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Our Services


testAIng consulting services help companies device test strategy for their AI applications or provide expert advice related to design and development of AI applications.

Testing AI Apps

testAIng is an end-to-end one stop testing destination for your AI products.

AI in Testing and Automation

AI has modified the test automation landscape, notably since the emergence of Machine learning. testAIng offers to use the developments of AI and ML in testing applications across the wide spectrum.

Data wrangling services

testAIng tremendously improves the data cleaning life cycle of the raw data. Business developers can save a lot of productive time and money, thanks to the insights drawn from clean data.

About Us

I, (pronounced as testing dot com), is a being, an entity traveling on a journey, the destination yet unknown.

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